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Digimon Savers

Awaken in my fist, Digisoul!

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The LiveJournal community for Digimon Savers!
Welcome to the LiveJournal community for Digimon Savers, the 5th animated Digimon series!

1) No joining just to flame the fandom.
2) Don't randomly spam stuff. Let your posts have somewhat of a reason please!
3) When posting, put spoilers, large stretches of text, and large images (over 500 pixels width and/or length) behind LJ-cuts. Use the coding below for an example if you don't know how to make an LJ-cut.
4) When posting icons, post icons usable on LJ (100x100, .jpg/.gif/.png format, and smaller than 40KB). When posting more than 4 icons, use LJ-cuts.
5) Adult material must be within community member-only posts, put under a cut and include a warning.
6) Do not use other people's fanart/fan-creations unless you have the original creator's authorization and give proper credit.
7) Please add these tags to your posts when they are applicable:
    info - new official information
    raws - links to raw downloads
    music - links to music downloads (mp3s, sheet music, midi, etc)
    subs - links to subtitled downloads
    fanart - fanart
    fanfic - fanfiction
    cosplay - cosplay
    fandom - other fandom creations (AMVs, rpgs, random tributes, etc)
    icons - icons
    bases - icon bases
    caps - screencaps
    media - scans, wallpapers, layouts, skins, etc
    mod post - community-specific topics from the maintainers
8) Posts about the US dub (Digimon Data Squad) are not to be posted on this community. Bring any discussion about Digimon Data Squad to digidatasquad instead.

digi_tomato - Tohma x Masaru x Tohma
ryuu_rogue - Digimon Savers DVD rip fansubs
digidatasquad - Digimon Data Squad (US dub)
Please contact splash if you would like to affiliate or swap links~

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