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Digimon Series Memorial Book

I just wanted to give notice that there's still time to preorder the Digimon Memorial book due out at the start of September February 23, 2010~
ISBN 9784775307496
the ISBN-10 is 4775307495

Here are places that ship internationally:
CDJapan new listing: here
HMV Japan: here
Amazon Japan: here
1999: here (long sold out)
CDJapan offers the cheapest shipping option, assuming they still have stock :)

Related links:
Blog announcement: http://ameblo.jp/shinkigenstaff/entry-10459517429.html

Product description again just in case:
A condensation of data and fanbook materials from all the animated Digimon series has appeared! With precious establishment images along with the story, look back on the passionate history of the partners and their Digimon!
●CD introduction
●Digimon 10th anniversary special interview
●Cover illustration by character designer Nakatsuru Katsuyoshi (credited to have done work for all the animated Digimon series and movies)
Size specification: A5, 384 Pages

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